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candy crush

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black licorice

candy crush
candy crush

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Best Seller Bundle A

Three of our best sellers all in
one bundle! 

Best Seller Bundle


Three of our best sellers all in

one bundle!

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TEASE! Leave-In Hair Conditioner

So your hair is frizzy and tangled, your curls are droopy, and you desperately need to put some life back in those locks? 

Handmade Soap

Handcrafted organic soaps!

Does it get any better?!

Laundry Sticks

The best way to spot clean clothes!  We have successfully cleaned grass stains, yellow armpits, ring around the collar, greasy stains, blood and even baby poo!

Skin Recovery

Our skin recovery balm is infused with herbs to help heal and sooth many skin afflictions!

Hemp lotion.jpg

Hemp Obsession Lotion

This is where organic hemp oil, herb infused olive oil, and all things natural and amazing, join together to create moisture like you've never experienced before!

Body Butter

Smooth and satiny, our body butter will surely have you rolling in moisture!

Herp Ease

Ease the pain and healing time of the worlds most common lip infection.

Natural Herbs

Just good, squeaky clean ingredients!

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